Automating data verification

The Requirement

This large multi-brand recruitment agency wanted to reduce administration overhead when recruiting freelance workers onto its books. One of the major pain points was data validation. The online registration process captured a large amount of data that needed to be checked and verified manually, introducing an unacceptable delay into the on-boarding process and impacting costs.

Our approach

Combining our expertise in Salesforce Communities and Systems Integration we analysed the major components of the data being captured and examined the most common errors. We identified data items (Company numbers, VAT registrations, and credit ratings among them) which could be validated using external services, and then implemented the necessary automations in a Communities based workflow.

The results

The online registration process now automatically verifies much of the entered data and pre-loads related information automatically. Much manual processing has been removed and drop-out rates are significantly reduced. Administration costs are lower and registrations progress through the workflow substantially faster.

Project Details

  • Sector: Recruitment
  • Category: Salesforce Communities
Solution Design
Salesforce Communities
Client facing
External Services
Apex Development

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