Bringing Salesforce data to affiliate sites

The Requirement

This large UK charity collates a directory of support services in Salesforce which they publish in a searchable form on their website. They wanted to allow other organisations to similarly publish the directory to their own audiences, embedding the search application on their own sites. The challenge was to provide a search application that could be easily integrated into any website, with branding adapted to different contexts.

Our approach

We developed a self contained off-platform component that can be embedded into any site with a few lines of javascript. The application extracts search results from Salesforce using a custom Apex REST web service. To enable branding flexibility the application exposes the results using encapsulated CSS that can be adapted to suit the containing site.

The results

The component has been integrated into more than 30 container sites, increasing awareness and penetration of the directory to far more people than would have been previously possible. After the initial successful roll out we handed the source code over the in-house development team who have taken it forward and extended the core functionality with a number of updates.

Project Details

  • Sector: Not for Profit
  • Category: Lightning Components
Solution Design
Web Service
Web Components
UI Implementation

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