Automating order fulfillment

The Requirement

This global telecoms company provides virtual PBX systems to customers across Europe, America and Asia Pacific. Orders are captured into Salesforce, with full details of the extensions, numbers and services the customer requires. There was a clear need to automate the process of configuring the required services into the telephony system to fulfill the order.

Our approach

We conducted a review of the varied and complex APIs provided by the telephony system and designed a solution that allows for one-click deployment of a complex PBX configuration defined in Salesforce. The solution comprises integration logic in Apex, a small Heroku application to provide functionality that was hard to achieve on-platform, and a Lightning Component based UI.

The results

The solution has removed the manual effort previously involved in fulfilling complex PBX orders. Customer satisfaction has improved now that new telephony systems can be up and running the next day.

Project Details

  • Sector: Telecommunications
  • Category: Salesforce Integration
Solution Design
Apex and Heroku
Custom Components

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